Read what our members are saying about the gym and the Alpha Experience

Alpha Fitness is the best gym in Sussex County. Excellent selection of equipment and dedicated personnel. There is such a great atmosphere at the gym and the clients are very helpful to one another. Come be a part of the Alpha Family.

Joe D - Alpha Male

Alpha Fitness is the best gym in Sussex County! Owners, Anthony and Janessa are exceptional people who take pride in their gym and are truly interested in bettering the health of all their members through fitness!

Jackie P - Alpha Female

Alpha Fitness offers so many options, that for the first time in 20 years, my husband and I belong to the same gym and love it.

Michael & Donna C - Alpha Couple

Alpha has everything you need to reach your fitness goals. Great staff, excellent equipment. I am proud to be part of the Alpha Fitness Family!

Kathleen F - Alpha Female

4 Years ago I joined Alpha..thinking "Well my pants don't fit...maybe doing some Zumba will help"... I had no idea the course I had set for myself. I joke about Alpha changing my life, but truth is.. I 100% wouldn't have accomplished any of the crazy things I have, if I hadn't walked through that door. Thanks Anthony & Janessa Freda for creating a place like Alpha.

Dannielle M  - Alpha Female

I always used to be afraid to workout in the gym thinking that people were judging me. I have never felt that feeling since joining Alpha Fitness. Not only have I made friends at the gym, but I have made a gym family. A family who stands by my side, cheers me on in classes, and helps push me physically beyond my limits. From personal training, to group classes, and working out solo, I have seen such a growth in myself because of the support here. I continue to push myself no matter what the outcome is thanks to Alpha Fitness.

Dana P - Alpha Female

If you're looking to take your gym experience to the next level, Alpha Fitness is the place for you!

Michael P - Alpha Male

Alpha Fitness is like a 2nd home to me. Owners Anthony and Janessa are the welcoming committee that treats you like family. They earn your business each time you visit. My personal health and fitness journey has been a successful one, thanks to the clean and motivating environment of Alpha. Anthony's Hit & Fit class pushes you beyond your comfort zone that leaves you mentally and physically prepared for anything or anyone at anytime. You know, that "bring it on" feeling! With Alpha you're family, not a number, why go anywhere else?

Ken A - Alpha Male